Thursday, January 22, 2009

Genesis Moments

This last week I have been very busy catching up with old friends from my childhood. Prior to this, I had many holes in my life that I thought would always be empty hurt places.
On this blog, I have talked about how important our roots are in life and how we need to be connected. In the past year or two, I have been reconnecting to my family and now I finally have found some positive connections to people in my past that I thought I would never see or talk to again. It is therapeutic in ways that I cannot even explain.
Most people sweat about how they look when they attend a high school reunion. They try on a hundred different looks in an effort to look their best for those they have not seen in years. People compete to see who has the biggest income or the best family circumstances. None of these mattered to us. We were all long lost friends happy to see each other after extraordinary circumstances. There is a story to tell here but I cannot yet tell it. It is still being written.
For now, they are Genesis moments, bringing us back to our beginnings and creating new beginnings. It's beautiful. And all this from a web tool. Amazing.
P.S. I told you I would post circus pictures but sadly, my camera didn't have good enough batteries to take clear pictures. We did have a fabulous time, though. For now, that has been upstaged by the trip back down memory lane that is bringing harmony to my spirit. I will be absent from the blog for a few days as I process all that is happening in my heart during these re connections. I needed this after dealing with some intense losses in the past year. Though I will not be blogging for a few days, do not fear that I have totally given up blogging. I will be back and with a story to boot. Until then, may your life be filled with new beginnings in this New Year.


Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog story. I believe the Serenity Prayer. "Going back" doesn't mean you have to relive painful memories, but rather heal those that can be healed, forgive those that need to be forgiven and forgive yourself. The healing process, as is the learning process, often long and painful, but the blessings are great!

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

So true, Donna! Thank you for sharing that wisdom!

January 23,