Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Home School Humor

Due to many misconceptions, homeschooling has become the brunt of jokes by other educators. (For that matter, so has public schooling among some home and private schoolers.) I've come to the conclusion that when mud is slung, some will stick. As long as respect remains a part of our joking, I see no harm in using a little sarcasm to deflect ridiculous assumptions about one's own lifestyle choices.

At the end of this post is a video by a family-friendly comedian who points out some of the stereotypes and idiosyncrasies of homeschooling. I hope you find it funny like I did and not offensive. As I've stated before, I have children in the public school system and one at home. Some of my family members are true examples of public school teachers that really care about their profession. That being said, I prefer homeschooling my children if they are capable of being homeschooled. I really love the teachable moments which occur outside of book work in that setting and I love the fact that the lifestyle is so flexible and can be scheduled around family matters or vice-versa. I love the educational opportunities that it provides in a more individualized way than a classroom. I love the socialization aspects of homeschooling.

Nevertheless, homeschooling has not always been what it is today and so has garnered alot of attention for it's past oddities. Here is Tim Hawkins on youtube. Click on the link that says, " A Homeschool Family." Make sure you get Kleenex and hold your sides while you watch.

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