Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tickets to the Circus

Today we are headed to Orlando's Amway Arena to attend the circus. I haven't been in years. The last time was when Doug and I with my oldest son (Bass Boy) visited a hospital in New York City for an evaluation of my son's neuromuscular disorder . We stayed in the Ronald McDonald House in Manhattan and accepted free tickets to see Barnum and Bailey's circus.

A memorable moment was when performers in grass skirts jumped through hoops of fire onto a trampoline and a man's skirt caught fire. There was not a sound from him and since they managed to put it out rapidly so we thought it was all part of the act until reading the papers the next day. The man survived with minor burns but I bet the thought twice about grass skirts and fire at future demonstrations.

Lord-willing, this trip won't have any traumatic events taking place on this trip but hopefully, it will be a great memory for our new, growing family. I'd better start making a list of things to take with us.

Let's see, we will need:
  • a camera
  • binoculars
  • camcorder
  • snacks and drinks if they let us.
  • charged cell phone so we can find each other if separated
  • other miscellaneous things.

I'm pretty excited. I doubt our boys have ever seen something like this. I know group homes take trips and do fun things but I doubt they'd take 40 or more kids to the circus. I can't wait to watch the wonder on the boys' faces when they see the circus live for the first time.

Now, that being said, we may have some mild RAD issues while there but I'm prepared. There will be plenty of distractions so attempts to sabotage our fun won't last. I'll use everything to my advantage.

Stay tuned for details and pictures. We are actually going to a real circus. It's not just one created by events in our neighborhood and home! What a miracle. LOL.

Have a great day. Check in tomorrow for details.

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