Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Virtual Veteran's Day Parade

My Dad was a Veteran and a very patriotic man. So was my grandfather (He earned a Purple Heart in WW2). My brother, brother-in-law and uncles are military veterans as well. My brother still serves our country in the Air Force. To this day, it brings me goosebumps remembering parades on Veteran's Day during my youth. How tall and proud of their country they stood. My Grandparents served as members of Veteran's Associations, American Legion type organizations and always became involved in parades. I remember standing next to my dad watching my grandfather march in the parade. What a sense of honor and pride to watch the flag go by. We'd all get a little teary thinking of the sacrifices made for our freedom.

My family of origin did a wonderful job of passing an appreciation of our American Heritage and a gratitude for those who serve and have served our country. We attended many parades and flag ceremonies. I was filled with admiration of the sharp looking men and women in uniform who cared so much for our country.

When I was a little girl, EVERYONE placed their right hands on their hearts or saluted in silence as our flag passed by where we stood.Parents and schools educated children on what a great privilege it was to live in the land of the brave and the free and how important to us was the responsibility to fight and protect it. We were reminded that freedom was not free and that even we, in free times, must stand up for our liberty by practicing our rights through voting and free speech.

How sad it has made me every year in the last 15 years to see the seeming lack of respect bred into this generation due to lack of knowledge or training. When the flag passes by, very few salute or place a hand over their hearts. Very few are silent or stand swelling with gratitude and honor to those who have given and still continue to give so much for our freedom. ( At least when I was up North. I see a few more in the South who show their patriotism.) It saddens me. It's not too late, though, for this generation. You can make a difference and teach your children and friends about our great heritage. Join with me.

Today, I would like to make this blog post like a virtual parade and I ask you to stand in silence and awe with me, thanking God and the veterans for keeping America the land of the brave and the free.

When the video stops, ask yourself, "What am I doing to help keep America free and safe?"


Brenda said...

Very nice. I, too, still place my hand over my heart to salute our flag. It is a sign of how I feel in my heart about our country.

JoJo Tabares said...

My dad and my brother were both in the Air Force. I agree with you!