Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sabbath Meditations

Every Saturday night, I slow down the hustle and bustle of the weekend (What? Aren't your weekends busier than the week too?) and take time to reminisce about all that the Lord has done for me. Reflection on who He is and what He is doing as well as just a time of praise and worship with soft music, prepare me for a new week like nothing else can.

This week was no lighter than any other. I spent hours moving furniture, reorganizing book cases and unpacking boxes that had been stuck in the garage since our move (a foot injury kept me down for over 8 weeks). That, of course, led to an overhaul in the garage which is mostly completed but will still have finishing touches over the next few days. In the midst of this, has been church, school (though not much), lots of fun with the kids and loads of writing opportunities.

This evening, we added to the list a new weekly Bible study in the neighborhood with our good friends, Mike and Lisa (names changed to protect the innocent, LOL). We had a wonderful time and felt like it was God ordained so we decided to continue. With Hillsongs music and a line by line study of 1 Corinthians, complete with Strong's Exhaustive Concordance and commentaries, we were sure to have a good thing going. It was just the beginning catalyst I needed for tonight's
after hours pondering.

As I usually do on Saturday nights, I surfed Christian music sites for new songs to sing and listen to. In this effort, I came to a conclusion. This blog is a Christian blog. I do not deny it at all. I'm usually not preachy and don't intend to be every day but I feel this next idea represents more who I am than anything else I could write. For this reason, I've decided that Saturday night or Sunday during the day from now on, I will post inspirational music and videos that reflect my heart's cry to honor God in all I do.

Today's finds are here:

Remembrance of His Presence:

Seeking His guidance and approval:

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JoJo Tabares said...

How wonderful! It's only 2:20am or I'd be listening in. I'll be back to listen to the videos when I can turn on the sound. Can't wait!