Saturday, December 20, 2008

Too Tired To Talk

Yes, I've been "bloglinquent" these last few days. Reason? Too Tired To Talk!

Too much to talk about, not enough energy to talk about it. Too many interruptions.

I suspect it will be this way and busier until after the childrens' school Christmas break is over so if you don't see a post everyday. Don't worry. I'm still here, just up to my ears swimming in activity and RAD issues. The holiday season can be a bear sometimes. I wish I could be 100% positive but I can be 100% realistic.

Sad news. My older son was suppose to visit for Christmas. It isn't happening now. I am heart broken.

Good news. Wheels Kid has his 19 year old sister coming in to visit for the week of January 1-7. He doesn't know. I think he will be excited/happy. Finding an extra bed is going to be interesting though.

Unnerving news. We are also suppose to take a family day trip (4 hours each way) to visit siblings of our foster children possibly on January 1 for the day. Culinary Kid will be happy and thankful. Fidge will act out and throw fits probably. We can't leave her behind either. The visit is a must. Take a deep breath! Hold on for roller coaster ride.

Mr. Steady had lots of packages and mail to deliver today. Of course, on Saturday- the usual short day- he has more where as during the week that is traditionally busy, he has no extra work. Oh well. Christmas is different this year in many ways.

News of Blessings. We received gift cards from the church men's ministry and another from a close relative. Food and gifts for the kids will be a bit easier now. Thank you, God!

I'm praying about whether and what to do about going back to work in the new year. Somehow I would need to balance work with homeschooling Wheel's Kid, hmmmm. I don't know how I will do it. I'm too busy right now even to sell Tupperware! Help, God!

Prayer is still needed for one of our foster children who is undergoing attachment therapy.(Not the kind of therapy that is coercive as one of my readers warned me against.) We don't know how much more of her issues we are equipped to handle. If we can't keep everyone else emotionally and physically safe, we will need to look into a safe place for respite or other alternative housing. We are unsure what the right thing is to do. We're so attached to her but...the rest of us have to survive and be in one piece too. We just need some rest and respite or else we won't be able to parent her or anyone else. The other thing is that she may need to be in a one-on-one situation to heal. She was rated at very severe in her RAD. Some experts say that placing two RAD siblings in the same home is unlikely to work, causing all to be sicker. I'm not sure on this and want to think more about it and research what others say before making any moves. Moving is traumatic to RADishes, much more than other children. But we have 3 RADishes and two are being traumatized along with us by the first RADish. The sad thing is that the first RADish is being traumatized by herself and her reactions to the past. This is not easy. We are trying to see the trees through the forest. Pray! Please!

Well, I'm off to break up a fight between RADishes before we have RADish salad! Have a great day. I hope to blog again soon. If not, I hope your Christmas holiday is great.



Melissa said...

Thinking of you as you make decisions about your RADishes.....this RAD rollercoaster is so tough! God bless!

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

Thank you Melissa. I appreciate your understanding.