Friday, November 6, 2009

Living in a Microwave World

We homeschool park day moms had some interesting discussion on microwaves as we sat around the picnic tables today. (I've also had some debate on occasion about plastics and aluminum foil, but we'll save those topics for another day since they too are lengthy.)

Let me first say that there is no reason to panic about any of this information. So many people in the media use scare tactics and it either throws people into a guilt-ridden despair or else creates a frenzy of suspicious thinking about everything.

My advice on any alternative health choice (unless you are very ill and need to take drastic measures) is to research and make gradual changes to improve each area of health. Don't try to swallow the elephant whole-you will choke.

That being said, I am a health-conscious person who has had long term health conditions reversed with the help of diet and natural medicine BUT I do not take on every whim or idea that I come across without first doing my own research. Carefulness and discernment are my friends. I do keep an open mind but remain cautious.

I've heard both sides of the story on microwaves but mostly they were opinions and being a skeptic myself, I had to do a little research. The jury is still out for me but here's what I found so far:

1. Pro-microwave sentiment including a study from Cornell University.


2.Anti-microwave sentiment by popular Alternative Health Guru, Dr. Mercola. http://

There are so many unknowns about health as well as many researchable facts. Each person must be fully convinced in his or her own mind on what is right for his or her family. It certainly doesn't hurt to look at all the facts and opinions.

I will you know in a few days what conclusion I come to after more research. Why does it matter on this kind of blog? Because this is Leaders in Learning, a blog about learning as much about life as we can and sharing it together.

If you have opinions or research on the topic, please feel free to leave comments or email me. Thanks.

Tomorrow is our weekly Bread and Jam post. I plan to post some uplifting Worship and a Word or two from the Word. See ya then.


JoJo Tabares said...

When microwaves first came out my mother wouldn't have one for YEARS for fear she would glow in the dark! Now she cooks with them. I do believe there must be some harmful affects of things that are not natural (as God gives them to us) but how harmful I am not sure. I know it's not a good idea to "nuke" thin plastics for they leach chemicals into the food, but I don't know if that harm rises to the level where drastic action is required. I just try not to do that as much as possible.

Cristy said...

I think you also have to consider the source of teh information and what's in it for them. Was the study financed by the Microwave Makers of America and they want a good outcome? Or was it financed by People Against the Use of Microwaves and they also want a favorable outcome? And then do what is right for you and your family.

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

All true, Cristy and that is why I'm still undecided. :>)