Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two P's in a Pod

Two P’s in a POD, A TOS Crewmember Review of the GENIO Study Pod
by BeckyJoie Oakes

You read it! I said it! Two peas in a pod means that there are two really great features I liked about Genio’s Study Pod book holder.

1. P is for Perfect- for many usages. The Study Pod is intended to hold an open student textbook, chapter book or paper at just the perfect angle to prevent neck and eye strain as it aligns the materials to eye level. It is perfect for holding a book during reading, for two readers to share a book and take turns reading, for holding a page of copy work for typing or writing, or it can be used to hold a cookbook upright while you or your child make a recipe in the kitchen. It helps to improve posture, making learning more effective due to the posture helping to improve one's breathing ability, thus increasing oxygen intake to the brain We found another helpful use for it that I’m sure the manufacturers had not considered. We used it for a divider in the middle of our table to prevent our children from being distracted by each other while doing workbook pages. All I did was place a large book on it and voila! We had a divider. (Actually, it was the answer key for one child’s Math book. I faced it away from the child to whom it belonged so he couldn’t see the answers and then on the other side I placed a piece of paper over it with the other child’s vocabulary words so if he peeked, all he saw was the word for his next subject. ) It worked great. The Study Pod holds virtually any sized book without tipping and it keeps the pages in place without anchoring them so tightly that you can’t turn the page! In fact, you can use one hand to turn the page, as the arms that hold the page are “springy”. This made it great for placing our Reading Teacher’s Manual at an angle while each student read his words from the student book. This enabled me to mark missed reading words wrong without causing the readers to be distracted and disappointed. It was perfect for this too!

2. P is for Practical. What I like about the Study Pod the most is its practicality. It folds up into a box the size of your average gift Bible and can fit on any shelf or even go with you in a book bag to the library. This box doubles as storage case for mp3 players with educational audio clips or classical music on them, pencils, pens, erasers, calculators, vocabulary file cards, and other little school supplies. It’s durable but lightweight and aesthetically appealing as well! Ours was black but they also come in pink and blue.

Normally priced at $19.95 each, the company is offering a special discount to our readers of $5.00 off by using the code TOSBLOG5.

Visit their website to see comparable products and order your Study Pod. Or click on the banner at the bottom or upper right sidebar of this blog to see what other TOS Crewmembers are saying about the Study Pod.
To contact Genio and order a StudyPod, you can also write to: 1613 Thornridge Way, Charlottesville, VA 22911 and contact them by phone at (434) 974-7042.