Saturday, June 6, 2009

Homeschool Goodies

Today, we attended a Homeschool Exhibition (after about an hour and a half of wandering around in circles trying to find the place).
Students displayed their masterpieces on tables in the vestibule of a little country church and visited each other's displays before gathering in the sanctuary for a time of presentation.
The first on stage happened to be a sibling quartet of violinists, (who also runs an E-zine called the Bunk Room, I believe.) They were pretty good, though an occasional variance in note, with exchanged glances and smiles, reminded us that they were child performers. After that came dancers, poetry recitations, science project displays, a nine-or-so-year-old boy who knew more about an antique automobile restoration than any woman my age would even dare to comprehend. Most interesting to me was a Math demonstration by a great mother and daughter team from our homeschooling support group and church.
Walking upstage, the pair raised a white board so the audience could see it and then ... the story-telling commenced. The number story, illustrating the multiplication tables through picture and endings that rhymed with the answers, was recited with ease and charm. It was genius! The book where she learned this type of mnemonic device is called, "Memorize in Minutes: The Times Tables", by Alan Walker. I'm considering the book, just to have on hand for helping others with special needs children. (A passion of mine.) You may find information about Mr. Walker and the book at:
After a few more performers, the show ended and everyone gathered for refreshments and a time of chatty laughter. My boys took advantage of the brownies and soda (they rarely get sugar) and I ate watermelon and apple slices.
Then we drove to our local Friendly's for a free ice cream cone (more sugar) and started to go home and burn off all the energy but then ran across some old friends from our former Calvary. My son used to play with their daughter when they were the only two over-energetic super-creators in the whole place. We all stood and talked in the parking lot for about 20 minutes until the men began to act like boys and the women began searching for hiding spots in the parking lot.
Our family came home and whipped through a "to do" list and then watched the new Stargate Movie (free coupon) together in the living room while eating baked homemade turkey chimichangas and salad. After I ate, I sat down at the laptop and popped out a poem, Dr. Seuss style. When the movie ended, we sent the kids to bed and I jumped back to the keys to write some more.
Such a "perfect" ending to a perfect day!