Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kindness Works

I received an email today from one of my kind friends at Kindness Works International, John Deluca. Over a year ago, we began an effort in cooperation with others in the community, to create a Kindness Curriculum for ages birth to five years that will hopefully become a pilot program in the Florida schools, and daycare. The curriculum will consist of resources for Private, Public and Home Educators to promote and teach kindness in the home and community, through human involvement, videos , puppets, teaching tubs and parenting education as well as music and the arts.

As one of the curriculum writers, I've been waiting to see what this project would develop into and how much support we would gain. At this point, we are seeking funding to continue the creation process, but many people have jumped on our bandwagon.

John sent me a link to our corporate and community videos. They were absolutely fantastic! I was surprised to find footage of my friends, their kids and I included throughout the video. I had written a song, played it on the guitar and taught it to a group of children. The song was about how fun it is to be kind and how well kindness works. It was SO much fun, dancing around the fountain in Leesburg, singing in the classroom and performing ventriloquism at Villages Charter School for the students while handing out Kind Cards. It was precious to see faces light up as children "got" the message we were trying to promote. There was also some great footage of my friend and co-writer, Michelle, with her daughter performing random acts of kindness around town. Then, of course, our spokesman, the renown Christian singer, Norman Lee, wrote the theme song and told of the mission of KWI to start a ripple of kindness that reaches out and starts other ripples, and thereby change the world in any way that we can.

Our hope is to obtain funding from corporations and local donors by giving away this video and garnering support. Although a non-religious non-profit, KWI has many people of faith involved who believe in the cause. Would you join with me in this effort that is mainly a volunteer venture up to this point? KWI is already doing so many good things for this area that many people are unaware of, including giving away college scholarships to children in the Villages and other similar acts of charity.

Why I am tooting the horn for KWI? Because I too, believe in the concepts and actions of KWI to promote kindness and try to better our world.
For more information, visit: or to see the videos, stay tuned. They will be posted as soon as I get the "ok".


Cindy Swanson said...

This sounds intriguing! Thanks for sharing.

Leaders In Learning said...

Hi Cindy,
Welcome back to my blog. It's been a whole since we connected. I hope you are well.

Terri Tiffany said...

Remind me to give you some information I sent for on a place to submit children's stories:)

Randi Sue said...

Sounds exciting!