Thursday, August 7, 2008



We don't know why we need them when we need them--- but we do. We don't think twice, expect them to always be there, but they are not infinite. Time has a cruel way of sneaking up on us.

My dad is a special man. He doesn't deserve to have Parkinson's disease but who does?
He came from humble beginnings but is royalty to me. As he lays in a nursing home surrounded by my mom, my youngest, sister, Ru, and my big brother, Ray, Jr., the hospice staff waits giving comfort measures only. May his heart be comforted by how loved and cherished he is to all who know him.

I only hope that his pain does not last long and that he may be where he has always wanted to be and will finally feel the acceptance and approval he has longed for all his life.

When he walks those streets of gold, there will be no pain, no walker or wheelchair, no tremor nor spilled coffee, no shuffle. He will run and skip and laugh and be filled with a joy he never knew. I can imagine him trading in that cordovan sweater for a spotless white robe as radiant as sunshine for the light of God will shine on him. There will be no more night for him. No more sundowning. No more tears or confusion or dementia. He will be visiting with the saints and dancing with the saints and singing his heart out. I wonder if he will be entertaining the little ones there? Maybe preaching a truth to them?

I have a book about Heaven that I am going to read. I want to know what my dad will be doing up there while he looks down at us after he goes. I shall miss him so when he leaves us, but I know that he will be in a much better place.


Randi Sue said...

What a wonderful hope we have in Him!

Brenda said...

Hmm. bitter sweet. I look forward to meeting you both someday.